The History of Trace Creek Construction, Inc.

Humble Beginnings and Bright Future

Trace Creek was founded in the basement of Sam Howard’s home in 1993. With $5,000 saved from the construction costs of his new home, Sam built a company with a sterling reputation and a staff of talented professionals. Organized as Sub Chapter S Corporation in the State of Kentucky, we are proud of our company, its capabilities and the legacy we have created.

Our projects are consistently delivered on time and on budget, creating a professional network of satisfied clients that return to us for additional projects. In fact, 65% of our business is repeat clients.

In just over 20 years of operation, Trace Creek’s successful operations, financial stability and visionary approach have allowed the company to achieve a position of respect and prestige that is the envy of the regional construction industry. The future for Trace Creek is bright indeed.

5 Generations and Counting

With family roots of five generations deeply rooted in the Eastern Kentucky soil, Trace Creek is a respected and powerful force in the construction management industry. Our innovative construction approach is based upon careful planning and execution of projects that perfectly meet our clients’ needs.

Through decades of experience and demonstrated construction management skills, we have established a level of trust and confidence from our clients that we believe is unmatched in the industry. When we initiate a project, we commit ourselves to each client’s goals. We consider each project a solemn obligation that transcends regular business relationships. Buildings are more than projects - they are part of our everyday life. Our deep desire is to ensure that your project meets and surpasses any and all expectations and will be a delight to use for decades to come.

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